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Hallway Conversation Etiquette

A lack of common sense warning is in effect in every hallway in America!!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to walk through other people’s conversations in the hallway at work because the people having the conversation are standing on opposite sides of the hall. Invariably, these hallway conversants are standing across from each other, forcing people who are walking through halls (which is the purpose of a hallway, I might add) to walk between them–and right through the conversation.

I usually say “Excuse me” since it’s polite to say that when interrupting people; however, it is they who are interrupting me. I’m supposed to be walking through the hall–it’s the only way to get to the restroom; they’re not supposed to be having a meeting in the hall. There’s nothing wrong with talking in a hall (libraries and places of religious worship aside), but stand on the same side of the hall, people.

You don’t have to stand any closer to the person to whom you’re speaking–unless you want to (I have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy about hall relationships). In this new common sense position, though, you won’t be an interference to others, and others won’t be put in the awkward situation of walking through your private conversations.

It’s common sense, people!! Work with me.