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McCain Votes Against Funding Troops and Veterans

That’s right; it’s John McCain who has consisently voted against our troops and veterans.

Let me just make my position clear on this: Democrat or Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or any other political affiliation, one of this nation’s most despicable secrets is that we let our troops and Veterans suffer. We use them to shield us, and then we just throw them away and let them fend for themselves. The number of homeless  Veterans and those not getting adequate medical care is in the hundreds of thousands. These people do what the rest of us are too afraid to do, and our refusal to give them whatever they need, both while they are fighting and after they come home, is something of which we should all be ashamed. 

Now for McCain’s record.

In March 2006, McCain voted against allocating more money for Veterans’ medical services because the money would have come from closing a corporate tax loophole. McCain voted against our Veterans in favor of large corporations.

In April 2006, McCain again voted against giving money to Veterans Affairs. McCain voted against our Veterans.

In March 2007, McCain voted against a supplemental spending bill that would have given money to the war in Afghanistan, the war (although I prefer to call it an invasion) in Iraq, and Veterans Affairs. McCain voted against our troops and our Veterans.

There’s more—and a lot of it, which you can read on a Veterans Web site. After you do, maybe then you’ll ask yourself this question: Who is John McCain?