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Barack Obama Knew Bill Ayres—Big Deal!

Barack Obama knew Bill Ayres. There, I said it—oh, and so already has Senator Obama; he hasn’t been trying to hide anything. While that’s all that the conservative right wants you to know so that you’ll conclude that Obama is a terrorist, I believe in adding the facts.

Ayres was, indeed, a left-wing radical who, as the New York Times says, launched ” a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and United States Capitol” about 40 years ago, when the senator was about 8. Since then, Ayres has turned his life around; he got both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. and is a professor at University of Illinois. He and Obama met over 20 years after his crimes, when they both were working on an anti-poverty project. Anti-poverty? Oh, that is radical (especially for the conservative right). And both men lived in the same neighborhood. I suppose Obama should have relocated. Ayres also contributed 200 dollars to Obama’s 2001 senate campaign. I bet that bought him a lot of radical favors. There are a few other details——-fairly boring—–about them being at a luncheon for school reform together and about Ayres hosting a coffee when Obama was running for office in the mid-90s. Wake me when it’s over. And this is why McCain and Palin are calling Obama a terrorist? Are you kidding me?

I thought that the conservative Christian right believed in salvation, believed that a person could change his life. Or is that just all talk that’s dragged out and paraded in front of the media only when it’s convenient for them?

If having been acquainted with Ayres at one time, who 40 years ago committed a crime and has now turned himself around and works against poverty and works in the educational system at one of the finest universities in the country, makes Obama a terrorist, then we should probably all look a little more closely at our childhood friends, co-workers, and even the people sitting right next to us in church.

If you want to not vote for Barack Obama because someone he met about 15 years ago when both men were doing the Lord’s work had committed crimes 40 years ago, then that’s your choice. But don’t try to make the argument that that makes Barack Obama a terrorist by association. Oh, please.