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The Washington Redskins and Political Correctness

I was watching football this weekend, specifically, the New York Giants destroy the Washington Redskins, and it got me thinking about something I haven’t heard about in a while. Several years ago, there were some whispers about the “political incorrectness” (why can’t people just say insensitivity or insult?) of calling Washington’s football team the Redskins, and some in and out of the league wondered whether it was too offensive. It wasn’t long before we all recovered, though, from our temporary brush with sensitivity and awareness, and it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere on mainstream television since.


Some people said that too many of us were too consumed by this “political correctness,” complaining, for example, that people were being too sensitive and saying, for example, that it seems as if you can’t say anything these days without someone yelling about bigotry or prejudice. Political correctness, huh? How about just plain old awareness and respect of others?


I wonder whether any one of us would be offended if we had a team called the Cleveland Brownskins, the Arizona Pale Faces, the San Francisco Yellowskins, or the Pittsburgh Rednecks. Doing the right thing isn’t about “political correctness”; it’s about doing the right thing and being aware that there are other people around you who feel just as strongly about their heritage as you do about yours.


It’s part of living in a world where you are not the only inhabitant.



When is a Touchdown a Touchdown?

You know when a receiver catches the football by the sideline but both of his feet aren’t completely in bounds so the referee calls it an incomplete pass? Even if half an inch of the front of his left cleat is on the inside border of the white line, it’s called an incomplete pass. That’s because both feet need to be in bounds in order for the play to be considered legal.

Then why is it that the receiver, or the running back or anyone else for that matter, can have possession of the ball but never even have his feet anywhere near the goal line but if he stretches out his arm so that even just the tip of the ball is touching the inside (that is, toward the field, not toward the goal) border of the goal line, it’s a touchdown? Or how about when he’s flying out of bounds and waves the ball over one of the cones as he does so? Shouldn’t his feet have to be within the goal line, too? Why is the “two feet in to be legal” rule only applied to incomplete and completed passes and not to touchdowns?

We give football players steroids in order for them to get bigger, stronger, and faster, but we don’t want them to exert themselves by actually having to run into the end zone?

It just doesn’t seem logical.