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McCain Pals Around with Terrorists

He really does.

Although I wrote about McCain’s infidelity and his ties to the Council for World Freedom (what many on both sides would call a terrorist group), I’ll admit that I wasn’t aware of his close friendship with domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy. Anyone remember him?

I’m not going to list Liddy’s criminal acts or talk about his extremist beliefs here; you can read about them for yourselves either in this Huffington Post article or in this wonderful testimony to Liddy’s character, mostly told in his own words.

I will, however, make a point of saying that Liddy helped to plan the total incapacitation of an American citizen in the Watergate case in order to keep illegal acts by the government from becoming public. It appears that he was also interested in firebombing the Brookings Institution. I believe this all makes him a domestic terrorist. Here’s an interesting transcript of an interview with Daniel Ellsberg, the gentleman who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Pay special attention to the part where he talks about the, ummm, attempt to sort of do him bodily harm; Liddy was convicted of conspiracy in that one.

Does this second association to terrorists (or is it third?) make Senator McCain a terrorist? Does it make us afraid of what might happen if he’s president? Does it make us wonder why he has been dishonest about his associations? I, myself, am pondering the answers to these very complicated questions.

McCain: Annenberg, Council for World Freedom, and Being Unfaithful

All  right, this “Obama lied about his association with Bill Ayres” thing has gone on ad nauseum. First, it’s a lie. Second, why can’t McCain just talk about social, economic, and foreign policy issues? He seems to not have any faith in his own political agenda.

Let’s take the Bill Ayres thing—–again. Senator Obama NEVER lied about having known Bill Ayres. He never gave an item by item list of every encounter, either happenstance or planned, that they’d had, but he never denied knowing him. So why do the conservatives keep saying that Obama lied about knowing him? And why does Sarah Palin keep saying that Obama “pals around” with terrorists? Ayres isn’t a terrorist. And Obama didn’t seek him out because he at one time was a radical. Get over it. And stop lying.

If you want to talk about Obama sitting on the same board as Ayres, you’re going to have to categorize McCain and his supporters as terrorists, too. The board was for the Annenberg Foundation, which was established by Walter Annenberg, who was a Republican and whose widow is a contributor to the McCain campaign. Oh no! Annenberg associated with terrorists, and his wife must also, and that means that McCain is a terrorist! Ridiculous.

I like the way McCain and his little helpers use the words “poor judgment” when describing Obama. It’s ironic, really, since that’s what the report on the Keating 5 said about John McCain and his involvement. Imagine that.

And if you want to continue to play the “guilt by association game” AND the “he’s been lying about it” game, check out McCain’s ties to a radical terrorist hate group, which called itself the U.S. Council for World Freedom. I haven’t heard McCain offer any detailed listing of gatherings that he had with this group; in fact, he’s been rather quiet about it. Here’s another version of the story. Stunning.

It also looks as if, as is so very often the case with conservatives who tout “marriage and family values,” McCain was unfaithful to his first wife, Carol. This story quotes the first Mrs. McCain, as well as the L.A. Times and McCain, himself. As we all know, being unfaithful to one’s wife makes one an unfit choice for President. Fascinating.

My point is that we all have skeletons, and John McCain has his share of guilt by association and personal poor judgment. I don’t necessarily think that those associations make him either a liar or the wrong choice for President. We need to stick to the issues that matter, and some past association that John McCain doesn’t want anyone to know about because it wasn’t his finest moment is not an issue that matters——at least not to me. But if the hate-mongers of the Republican Party want to dredge it all up, then I say, yes, by all means let’s get it ALL out in the open.

Palin Found Guilty of Abuse of Power

An Alaskan legislative inquiry, upon investigation, has found that while Sarah Palin did not commit a crime in moving to replace a cabinet member, she was, indeed, guilty of abuse of power in what has come to be called Troopergate.

Palin fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan when he refused to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, because the trooper was embroiled in a custody battle with Palin’s sister. It’s wonderful that Palin feels so strongly about her family, but laws, even ethics laws, are made to be followed regardless of personal involvement with any particular matter. That’s part of what makes someone worthy of being elected—we know that the person will not pick and choose the situations in which he or she will follow the laws.

There’s apparently a fine line between abusing the public trust and committing a crime, and luckily for Palin, she managed to keep her pointy-toed stilettos on the right side, so she won’t be seeing the inside of a cell over this problem. However, being found guilty of abuse of power does mean that Mr. Monegan can persue the matter legally——and it also means that Sarah Palin might not be someone we can trust to tell the truth.

When the story first broke over the summer, she welcomed the investigation, saying that she had nothing to hide, but after she became the vp nominee, she did a 180 and refused to cooperate with the investigators. Now, we know why. The Palins are now clinging to the only little piece of good news in the report, and that is that she did NOT TECHNICALLY committ a crime. I say that if that’s all ya got, then maybe trying to get elected isn’t your biggest problem.

McCain Defends Obama

By now, many of us have seen the stunning video or read the article about Senator McCain strongly defending Senator Obama.

McCain, Palin, and their minions have been working fervently to purposely give voters the impression that Barack Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist and that he can’t be trusted. We’ve all seen the commercials and the video of McCain, himself, at the stump saying “Who is Barack Obama?” In fact, when audience members have shouted out remarks such as “kill him” and “terrorist” in talking about Obama at McCain/Palin rallies, no one ever took one humane minute to quell the growing hatred. They seemed to revel in it!

On Friday, at that rally in Minneapolis, Senator McCain reminded me of Victor Frankenstein, once having rejoiced at creating the monster, now realizing how much danger he has caused the public and wishing that he could kill the hideous beast.

The video was the most stunning that I’ve ever seen of a candidate at a campaign rally. McCain was visibly shaken by the realization of what he and Palin have been doing to this country: lying to people and creating even more divisiveness and hatred just so that McCain, in another desperate attempt, can gain votes. I think McCain finally realized that what he was doing was more than wrong (since wrong doesn’t seem to do much for some political consciences)—that it was Nazi-like and that he could be the cause of a very ugly outcome.

It was the first time during the campaign that I’ve seen McCain being genuine, being humble, and being honest. I just hope that it isn’t too little, too late.

McCain Votes Against Funding Troops and Veterans

That’s right; it’s John McCain who has consisently voted against our troops and veterans.

Let me just make my position clear on this: Democrat or Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or any other political affiliation, one of this nation’s most despicable secrets is that we let our troops and Veterans suffer. We use them to shield us, and then we just throw them away and let them fend for themselves. The number of homeless  Veterans and those not getting adequate medical care is in the hundreds of thousands. These people do what the rest of us are too afraid to do, and our refusal to give them whatever they need, both while they are fighting and after they come home, is something of which we should all be ashamed. 

Now for McCain’s record.

In March 2006, McCain voted against allocating more money for Veterans’ medical services because the money would have come from closing a corporate tax loophole. McCain voted against our Veterans in favor of large corporations.

In April 2006, McCain again voted against giving money to Veterans Affairs. McCain voted against our Veterans.

In March 2007, McCain voted against a supplemental spending bill that would have given money to the war in Afghanistan, the war (although I prefer to call it an invasion) in Iraq, and Veterans Affairs. McCain voted against our troops and our Veterans.

There’s more—and a lot of it, which you can read on a Veterans Web site. After you do, maybe then you’ll ask yourself this question: Who is John McCain?

Palin’s Anti-America Ties

While John McCain and Sarah Palin are trying to convince Americans that Barack Obama is some sort of terrorist by association because he sat on the same board of directors as someone who had been involved in anti-government violence 40 years ago, when Obama was 8, Palin has some SERIOUS ties to Anti-American activities.

By the way, I feel safe in saying that Obama didn’t CHOOSE Ayres as a board member. Isn’t that job of the ENTIRE board, and wasn’t the CHAIRMAN of the board involved? I  don’t know why McCain and Palin are pretending that Obama, himself, seeked out Ayres because he’d been a 1960s radical. I guess the chairman of the board should have provided a rap sheet on each member.

The board was dealing with anti-poverty issues, so I suppose that that’s what Obama was focusing on when asked to join the cause. Are McCain and Palin suggesting that he should have done a full investigation on each board member before agreeing to work on one of the most pressing problems in America? Are you kidding me? (I’ll have more on that particular board of directors in another post.)

While Obama’s acquaintance with Ayres was by happenstance, and he had no idea that Ayres had been a criminal 25 years previously (why the heck WOULD he?!), the same cannot be said for Sarah Palin’s true Anti-American activities. Has she spoken about that yet on the campaign trail?

Her husband, Todd, as recently as 2002—only 6 years ago—-was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, an organization whose goal it is to secede from the United States of America. I believe that’s what is called treason. This past summer, Sarah Palin actually addressed the group, so their ties are obviously still very strong. The group’s leader once condemned the American flag. We can only conclude, then, that Sarah Palin hates America and is a traitor. Unlike Obama, the Palins did have a choice in working with this Anti-America group. You can read the story here.

McCain and “My Fellow Prisoners”

During a campaign speech in Pennsylvania, Senator John McCain, in mid-sentence, addressed his audience as “my fellow prisoners.” He did it without missing a beat. There was no explanation afterward, and the crowd didn’t seem to know what to make of it. Neither do I.

McCain seemed to be speaking in a sincere tone, trying to talk about his position, so why would he use the word prisoners? And did anyone see the look on Sarah Palin’s face when he said it? Of what is he a prisoner? The present administration? The press corps that was taping his speech? Or was he referring to his audience members as prisoners of his rhetoric?

While the McCain campaign might be busy today trying to concoct an explanation for yesterday’s mistake, my fear is that the real reason behind the misstep was that he is suffering from some sort of psychological problem induced by either senility or post-traumatic stress disorder.

What do you think about his “my fellow prisoners” moment?