Has George Bush Kept Us Safe?

War on Christmas? Bah! Humbug!

The Washington Redskins and Political Correctness

Health Care: What a Bother

Georgia Congressman Compares Obama to Hitler

Bush and the Environment

Why John McCain Lost

Does Anyone Really Care About the Chieff of Staff?

Sarah Palin: Fiscal Conservative?

What Winning at All Cost Says About You

Something About Bush

Media Bias Against McCain

Senator Ted Stevens, Convicted Felons, and Voting

Representative Murtha Is Right

When Is a Touchdown a Touchdown?

Liberals Hate Americans? Oh, I Thought They WERE Americans!

Ramblings on Palin’s Real America and Us Versus Them

McCain Pals Around with Terrorists

Gas Prices–Not Only Thing Out of Control

McCain: Annenberg, Council for World Freedom, and Being Unfaithful

Palin Found Guilty of Abuse of Power

McCain Defends Obama

McCain Votes Against Funding Troops and Veterans

Palin’s Anti-America Ties

McCain and “My Fellow Prisoners”

McCain Attacks Obama for Not Funding the Troops

Hallway Conversation Etiquette

McCain and Nailing Jello to the Wall

Barack Obama Knew Bill Ayres—Big Deal!

Say It Isn’t So, Sarah


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