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Headline Stories

Here are some headlines I saw today:

Martha Stewart Stay-slim secrets: What She Always Brings on the Road

I didn’t actually read the article, but I can make an educated guess at what Martha “I’m worth 10 gazillion dollars” Stewart always takes on the road with her in order to stay slim———-and it isn’t a big bag of fruit and a jump rope. More likely, it’s—oh, I don’t know—a personal trainer? A staff to take care of her every want, need, and detail so that she can spend her free time exercising? Her own chef so that she doesn’t have to run to the vending machine and indulge in the nearest Snickers bar when she has the munchies?

There was a video clip of the show The Doctors online; they talked about a horribly sad story, in which a mother apparently transmitted the herpes virus to her baby, and the baby died. I can’t think of anything more horrible or how that new mother must be suffering, knowing that she very well might have caused her child’s death. Halfway through the clip, however, I lost sight of this tragedy——–as soon as the gynecologist started talking about how the mother should have been “swabbed.” I don’t like the word “swabbed.” As a woman who has been “swabbed”—–and what woman HASN’T been “swabbed”———my autonomic nervous system kicks in: my ankles immediately start to squirm, and I have this uncontrollable urge to cross my legs. Swabbed? Can we not talk about swabbing as it relates to women on national television? Something about the whole q-tip thing just leaves me a bit queasy.

The Health Dangers Lurking in Your Homes

Popular Chair is Big Health Hazard

Well, I thought that they were going to talk about some chair that might have been manufactured with 3 legs instead of 4, making it unstable or a particular brand of chair that is configured in a way such that it requires sitting in a yoga position from which there is no escape. As I found out, though, AOL was at it again, misleading the reader. This “popular chair” is ANY CHAIR THAT IS MADE WITH A FLAME RETARDANT. So, it wasn’t actually a popular chair; it was furniture made with a popular chemical. I’ve learned to approach anything written by AOL with healthy skepticism, but they’ve really gone too far with this one. Popular chair?

Oh, they also mentioned that fireworks and sparklers are dangerous, too. Really?

There was actually some good information in the article. For example, tipped-over ranges pose another serious home danger. I’m not sure how the stove gets tipped over since it’s usually (I said usually, not always) placed within a counter or between a counter and sink or a counter and refrigerator, but apparently, thousands of children and the elderly are seriously hurt every year. I’ve really never even considered that something like that could happen.

Home scents can also apparently kill you. The article said that “everything from spray disinfectants to scented candles contain known carcinogens and other dangerous additives.” They advise that instead of candles, we use natural scents in our homes, such as mint leaves or cinnamon sticks————-oh, unless you’re heating them on an unstable stove.