Liberals Hate Americans? Oh, I Thought They WERE Americans!


Representative Robin Hayes (R-North Carolina) said on Saturday that liberals hate Americans who work hard and believe in God.

Why has the republican party become the party of hatred? Why do they find it necessary to spread divisiveness among the people they are supposedly representing and supporting? And why do they find it necessary to lie to “their” Americans? Liberals hate real Americans? Oh, really? It is these hateful liberals who have always advocated for social programs and a higher minimum wage that, incidentally, help the poor, who, incidentally, are the ones bashing the liberals for hating Americans. These hateful liberals are also the ones who always advocate for small businesses that belong to REAL AMERICANS even though these REAL AMERICANS are all, according to Hayes, republican.

Hayes has accused Barack Obama of inciting class warfare. This reminds me of my post from yesterday (Ramblings on Palin’s Real America...), in which I talked about President Bush always saying the opposite of what he really thinks and is doing. It is actually the republican party that has declared class warfare: they have given huge tax cuts to large AMERICAN corporations while letting the rest of us fend for ourselves and expecting us to be grateful for a 600- or 1200-dollar tax rebate, supported tax loopholes for AMERICAN companies who incorporate overseas, threatened to privatize Social Security so that all of us AMERICANS are dependent on the “free (hah!) market, cut social programs for AMERICANS, reduced funds to mandated programs for poor AMERICANS, reduce funding to Medicare and Medicaid for AMERICANS, have fought against raising the minimum wage for AMERICANS, and changed bankruptcy laws to make it more difficult for AMERICANS.

I also find it interesting that Hayes and others would encourage the hatred of one neighbor for another neighbor, especially by invoking God. Isn’t the message of Jesus Christ one of love for one’s fellow man? No? Well, I wasn’t aware that Jesus’ message was one of such evil, violence, and hatred. I’m sure that many REAL Christians would be appalled to hear Hayes’ Nazi-speak, for anyone who could purposely try to divide the citizens of this country by encouraging them to hate one another is not a REAL Christian.

Liberals hate Americans who work hard and believe in God? I have news for you, Robin:  Liberals ARE Americans who work hard and, for those who choose to, believe in God. Do you?

2 Responses to “Liberals Hate Americans? Oh, I Thought They WERE Americans!”

  1. 1 dobeman October 22, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    The “Logical Perspective” huh?

    Wow. That’s some emotional logic you have going on there.

    Reply: Make no mistake: Emotion and logic are not mutually exclusive. That’s a dismissive tactic that many of us (and, no, I’m not talking politically) like to perpetuate because it’s an easy target. Being passionate about something does not automatically make you illogical. Think about arguments that you’ve made in your own life either for or against an issue. Did being passionate about something automatically mean that you were being illogical and unreasonable? I doubt it. But I can appreicate that you disagree. Thanks for your input.

  2. 2 James October 23, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I find it interesting that you only talk about when conservatives are saying ridiculous things. There have been plenty of liberals who have done the same thing, including the soon-to-be-unelected Mr. Murtha of Pa.

    Reply: I don’t defend liberals, or democrats as I call them, when they say ridiculous things; however, this post was about what a specific person said and how it related to how republicans generally feel about issues. You did raise an interesting point with Representative Murtha’s comments, and I’ll write about that shortly.

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