McCain Defends Obama

By now, many of us have seen the stunning video or read the article about Senator McCain strongly defending Senator Obama.

McCain, Palin, and their minions have been working fervently to purposely give voters the impression that Barack Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist and that he can’t be trusted. We’ve all seen the commercials and the video of McCain, himself, at the stump saying “Who is Barack Obama?” In fact, when audience members have shouted out remarks such as “kill him” and “terrorist” in talking about Obama at McCain/Palin rallies, no one ever took one humane minute to quell the growing hatred. They seemed to revel in it!

On Friday, at that rally in Minneapolis, Senator McCain reminded me of Victor Frankenstein, once having rejoiced at creating the monster, now realizing how much danger he has caused the public and wishing that he could kill the hideous beast.

The video was the most stunning that I’ve ever seen of a candidate at a campaign rally. McCain was visibly shaken by the realization of what he and Palin have been doing to this country: lying to people and creating even more divisiveness and hatred just so that McCain, in another desperate attempt, can gain votes. I think McCain finally realized that what he was doing was more than wrong (since wrong doesn’t seem to do much for some political consciences)—that it was Nazi-like and that he could be the cause of a very ugly outcome.

It was the first time during the campaign that I’ve seen McCain being genuine, being humble, and being honest. I just hope that it isn’t too little, too late.

3 Responses to “McCain Defends Obama”

  1. 1 jonolan October 13, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    McCain didn’t create a monster. He spoke the truth and people got angry. What do you expect when the Obama camp has been calling anyone who criticizes Obama a racist? They built the hatred, not the GOP.

    When McCain questioned Obama’s character based on his association with terrorists and criminals many people saw what Obama was fro the first time and they’re angry, very angry.

    Hell, if Obama’s pet media had allowed these stories to break months ago when they were first brought to light, this wouldn’t have happened.

    Reply: Thank you for your input. Of course, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    It’s obvious that what McCain spoke was NOT the truth. The facts bear it out.

    I haven’t heard Obama call anyone a racist for calling him a terrorist, but you DO raise an interesting question: Why is it that people are so willing to believe that Obama, an American and a Christian and someone who has done such good work, is a terrorist? Would they if he were all Caucasian instead of part Caucasian and part African-American? Hmmmmm. Obama doesn’t “associate with” terrorists and criminals. That’s what the hate-mongers want us all to believe. Let me say this again: Sitting on a board with other members does not make anyone a terrorist.

    The media is much more conservative than liberal; just look at who owns what and how much air time the conservatives get. Just look at what the media let George Bush get away with for 8 long years without so much as a furrowed brow.

  2. 2 Mark October 13, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    McCain did not speak the truth; otherwise, why would he have backed away from it at the rally last week? If McCain had felt that Obama were “someone to be afraid of” or an “Arab” (not that there would be anything inherently wrong with being an Arab since Arab is not a synonym for terrorist), then why did he correct audience members who felt that he might be those things?

    McCain corrected audience members because he knows that the message being sent out by his campaign is a lie.

  3. 3 jonolan October 13, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Because McCain never said either thing. His campaign has questioned Obama’s character in the person of Bill Ayers and Obama decision to associate with a terrorist from the ’60s.

    McCain is worried about the reaction by some to legitimate questions. I don’t think he realized how much anger Obama’s supporters have generated with their constant cries of racism and other attacks against Republicans.

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