Palin’s Anti-America Ties

While John McCain and Sarah Palin are trying to convince Americans that Barack Obama is some sort of terrorist by association because he sat on the same board of directors as someone who had been involved in anti-government violence 40 years ago, when Obama was 8, Palin has some SERIOUS ties to Anti-American activities.

By the way, I feel safe in saying that Obama didn’t CHOOSE Ayres as a board member. Isn’t that job of the ENTIRE board, and wasn’t the CHAIRMAN of the board involved? I  don’t know why McCain and Palin are pretending that Obama, himself, seeked out Ayres because he’d been a 1960s radical. I guess the chairman of the board should have provided a rap sheet on each member.

The board was dealing with anti-poverty issues, so I suppose that that’s what Obama was focusing on when asked to join the cause. Are McCain and Palin suggesting that he should have done a full investigation on each board member before agreeing to work on one of the most pressing problems in America? Are you kidding me? (I’ll have more on that particular board of directors in another post.)

While Obama’s acquaintance with Ayres was by happenstance, and he had no idea that Ayres had been a criminal 25 years previously (why the heck WOULD he?!), the same cannot be said for Sarah Palin’s true Anti-American activities. Has she spoken about that yet on the campaign trail?

Her husband, Todd, as recently as 2002—only 6 years ago—-was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, an organization whose goal it is to secede from the United States of America. I believe that’s what is called treason. This past summer, Sarah Palin actually addressed the group, so their ties are obviously still very strong. The group’s leader once condemned the American flag. We can only conclude, then, that Sarah Palin hates America and is a traitor. Unlike Obama, the Palins did have a choice in working with this Anti-America group. You can read the story here.

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