When I decided to start this blog, I was certain that I was going to focus solely on politics.

I had quite a bit of time to think about it over those two days, however (between football games, of course), and I realized that there were so many more injustices out there that needed to be shoved into the glaring light of day. For example, should a play really be considered a touchdown when the player isn’t in the end zone but the very tip of the top of the ball is barely on the white line? Why don’t people actually stop at stop signs? Why do the forecasters on the Weather Channel love the word impact so much, and why do they keep using it incorrectly?

While politics will be the main focus, at least for the next few weeks, these and other important issues will be covered.

Civil comments and discussion will be welcome; notice that I said CIVIL. Please do be respectful of others who have dissenting opinions; we need not agree to get along, and we need not be inappropriate to get our points across—–at least not if we want our comments posted. My house, my rules.


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